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What We Do

Cvnt Productions produces high-quality content for Black & brown, queer, fat & disabled adult performers — you can join us on location or we can come to you. Cvnt always covers make-up & location costs. When you shoot with us, you get vlog/BTS footage, 2-3 professionally edited photos, 1 SFW + 1 NSFW trailer, & 1 full scene for free. 

Photography Studio

About Us

Raquel Savage



Raquel Savage (she/her) is a Black, queer therapist, educator and producer. She’s been a sex worker for nearly a decade, doing both full service and online work. She founded CVNT Productions, Kink Media Group and Zepp Wellness to center the creative and healing needs of Black sex workers.




Aizabil (she/her) is a full-time traveling photographer, videographer & model manager; as well as a part-time painter & gamer. She was born & raised in Syria to Armenian parents, moved to the U.S. 12 years ago and has been practicing her passions ever since. Aizabil is excited to share her craft with new faces & showcase the beauty of people of color.


Mel Diane


Mel (she/they) is a first generation Mexican-American. Their passion for this work comes from lived experience as a non-binary bisexual person of color, survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), sexual assault survivor (SAS) & sex worker maneuvering through the world. Their internal fire fuels their desire to create & be of service to liberation. Mel serves as the social media manager for CVNT Productions.

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