Featured Performer: ZOEY STERLING


Zoey (they/she) is a first-generation, queer, nonbinary, Black American, BDSM model and photographer who began sex work full time in January 2019. They've been in the industry for three years. Zoey is currently a student, getting their degrees in Art History and Photography-- aiming for four degrees by her graduation year. Zoey likes staying busy if you couldn't tell!


Years in the Industry:

3 years ⭐️

Favorite Food:

Ackee and dumpling OR tiramisu 🖤

Favorite Color:

Blue but I tell everyone it's black 💎


I don't have any awards YET; but I have been featured in some big articles that talk about really important things to our industry & explain the necessity of voting to civilians and how their vote will affect marginalized people like sex workers.