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Featured Performer: RAQUEL SAVAGE


​Raquel Savage (she/her) 31, is cis, queer, autistic and a Black, biracial woman. She is a therapist, educator and sex worker. She’s been in the industry for almost a decade doing both in-person and online work. Savage loves horror movies and her 3 kitties. And loves to eat Indian and Thai food. She got into sex work in 2013 after receiving her undergrad and having difficulty finding a job — she leveraged her, then, 13k followers on Twitter to advertise full-service sessions. After moving to Miami, she spent the next 6 years building her sex work identity through mostly full-service work.

Years in the Industry:

I’ve been a sex worker since 2013, so a decade! 👑

Favorite Food:

Indian & Thai food 🥵

Favorite Color:

Pink! 🎀


None officially... but I’m well known as an incredible dick sucker 👅

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